Tales From The Truck

  • Being Creative . .

    Would you join me in creating a community that builds each other up? That holds our fellow wildflowers hand when she is not feeling brave? This is my heart for this community. I see it in each of you when you walk on the truck. I see it in you when you bring a friend to share the love. I see it in you when "strangers" encourage each other.
  • Doing Life Together!

    Well it's gonna be a hot one today so I am sitting under a fan trying to stay cool! Recently I read the book "The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry: Ho...
  • Storms . .

    Wildflowers you are strong and you are brave! I see you and I know that we can weather this storm together. When you are tired and hitting that wall, remember that YOU are part of this community. You may not all know each other but you are a community and sometimes knowing that is all that matters. 
  • Wildflowers that Impact!

    I have added a page to the website called Truck Impact. Here you will find the list of the people and organizations that the Wildflower Fashion Truck community supports. I love that we can come together and reach so many. I am committed to continuing to support as many organizations as we can. Who knew that women's clothing and a little truck in Bend, Oregon could do so much!
  • More Than Clothes...

    Yes, the truck is a business and it is my job AND it is so much more!! Thank you for sharing your true, authentic self with me. Thank you for stripping away the many masks we wear and being real. Know that you are always welcome to come as you are.
  • Truckin' With The Ladies!

    Did you know that you can book the truck for a fun ladies event? Right now more than ever we need time with our besties and this is a great way to do it! Here is how it works . .. you book the truck (free of charge!!), gather your gal pals, we pull up and open the doors to welcome you all in! This is an easy way to socially distance with your friends, reconnect in person, and have fun! Throw in some munchies and beverages of choice for a perfect event! 

  • Eqwine Wine!

    Ambiance and culture are huge for me when choosing a place to spend some time. I would love to sit on Eqwine Wine’s outdoor patio with a glass of wine any day!
  • You CAN Wear Jumpsuits!

    A good jumpsuit can be a very versatile item for your wardrobe! 
  • Hello!

    I celebrate you. I celebrate the individual that you are. I see that you are unique in your color, your size, your shape AND I love you for that uniqueness. You are welcome on my truck anytime and you bring my heart joy!